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Comparison of Features to Values for Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Current Evaluations

Each product has been carefully evaluated by expert examiners. No company requested an evaluation. None are advertisers or sponsors for this website. These are independent unbiased reviews & ratings.


#2 Litter Robot

#3 LitterMaid

#4 ScoopFree LB2

#5 SmartScoop

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Most Sanitary
Efficient Cleaning Process
Monthly Supplies Expense
Customer Service
Automatic Waste Removal
Lowest Noise Level
Lowest Dust Level
Best Odor Control
Ease of Use
Key Features          
Litter Area/Space 17" x "17 15" x 20" 12" x 13" 14" x 14" 14" x 17"
Overall Deminsion 24" x 19" x 21" 29" x 22" x 24" 31" x 19" x 9" 28" x 19" x 17" 25" x 18" x 7"
Permanent Washable Granules
Automatic Waste Disposal
Safety Control
Cover Optional
Additional Features          
Multiple Cats Capacity
Sleep Timer
Built-in Ionic Air Clearner
Paw Cleaning Ramp
Optional Battery Use
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Current Evaluations

Each product has been carefully evaluated by expert examiners. No company requested an evaluation. None are advertisers or sponsors for this website. These are independent reviews.

Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Comparison of Price to Value


Value Delivered

$270 to $330



CatGenie, our #1 pick, offers a new approach to maintaining an automatic self-cleaning cat litter box. It is a no touch, self cleaning cat litter box. It looks like a small toilet and functions like an appliance. After the cat leaves, the liquids drain through the granules. Solid waste gets scooped and liquefied, and then both are flushed with fresh water down the drain hose which is placed over a toilet rim or laundry drain. The interior of the bowl with the granules is washed and sanitized three times, then the built-in dryer uses heat to dry the granules.

The unit has built in sensors if the cat re-enters the box that will auto set 60 seconds after the cat leaves the box. This unit takes the lead in being the most sanitary and odor free because of the constant washing and sanitizing of the cat box and the granules. It has a simple touch button control for preset or manual use.

What sets this unit apart from others is there is no handling of waste or replacing cat litter whatsoever. CatGenie is also healthier and safer especially for pregnant women, patients undergoing cancer treatments, those with a compromised immune system, or those with allergies or asthma. There is no need to buy cat litter because of the reusable non-toxic granules. The only ongoing expense is the Sani-solution cartridges which are good for 60 washes. There is a beeper to alert you when the cartridge is getting low.

There was one complaint by some customers that the cat hairs would clog up the unit. In response to that complaint, the company made a huge design change that completely solved that problem. Therefore, all units sold after June 1, 2008 have this new design included. And the company went a step further. Even though there were only a few customers that had this problem, they offered to all their customers who bought units prior to this fix, that they could get this fix for only one cent. CatGenie responded very favorably to even just a few customers and yet made significant design changes. This is another reason why CatGenie is our #1 pick and for many other reasons.

It’s a completely innovative approach to maintaining an automatic self-cleaning cat litter box. In fact, believe it or not, this product was designed by a rocket scientist. It is by far the most sanitary compared to the others. It also is the only unit we have found that lives up to its manufacturer’s statement of: “There’s no fear of catching Toxoplasmosis from cat waste.” So it protects the health of your family and your cat. Granules are washed by the unit; therefore, you save money on cat litter. It is the easiest unit to operate. So this is our #1 choice.


#2 Price
$250 to $350


Litter Robot

Litter Robot II is our #2 pick and you’ll understand why after you see how this automatic self-cleaning cat litter box performs. Litter Robot II functions totally different from all other automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes. Because of this fresh approach, Litter Robot II is one of the most sanitary and cost effective cat boxes in the long run.

The cat box itself is round like a globe. Seven minutes after cat finishes, cleaning cycle starts. The globe begins to turn slowly cleaning counterclockwise and then turns clockwise to its original position. As the globe turns, waste drops down into a hidden compartment in a sanitary disposal/storage drawer in a lower compartment. The drawer is lined with normal ordinary kitchen trash bags, which adds to Litter Robot’s cost effectiveness. Often, automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes require special bags or receptacles that are usually quite expensive. Normal clumping cat litter can be used, again making this unit much more cost effective than others. Or you can choose to use cat crystals or pearls because this automatic self-cleaning cat litter box is flexible.

Sensors immediately detect if your cat re-enters or enters while unit is in the cleaning process to keep your cat safe. Odor control features for the Litter Robot II are effective in keeping odors contained.

The most important aspect of this design we believe is the ability to minimize contact with waste not only for the health of your cat, but also for you and your family. Its’ unique, innovative waste elimination strategy, along with many cost saving and safety features makes this our #2 pick.




LitterMaid LME9250

The #3 pick is the LitterMaid LME9250. LitterMaid is one of the longest selling automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes out on the market which is one important consideration in our evaluation. This automatic self-cleaning cat litter box has many strong features, the combination of which makes this a compelling #3 of our Top 5 of all automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes.

LitterMaid set the standard for the original raking approach to automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes. The approach is simple. It rakes away clumps and stores them in a waste receptacle. These waste receptacles are disposable so there is very little manual cleaning. Under normal use, these last 5-7 days. During this period the waste receptacles are concealed in a compartment that only opens long enough for solid waste to be raked in. Carbon filters keep the odor contained in the waste area. These carbon filters serve to keep odors manageable.

In addition, it also comes with a built in ionizing air cleaner which does a great job in preventing odor in the cat litter box. The raking process starts 10 minutes after your cat has finished. If you cat should return during the cleaning process, a safety bar triggers auto reverse.

Power comes from a normal electric outlet, but can also be battery powered for occasions where electricity is unavailable such as power outages. The LitterMaid LME9250 is capable of supporting multiple cats and uses premium clumping cat litter. The unit comes with a 9 hour sleep timer which is a great feature especially for people who are light sleepers.

This unit has a detachable litter tray for easy cleaning and it also comes with a cover which keeps odors contained. These strong, proven features have won the LitterMaid LME9250 our #3 pick of our Top 5 automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes. In addition to these features, the paw cleaning ramp (designed to minimize tracking) is included.


$140 to $180



ScoopFree LB 2 Ultra is our #4 pick. This automatic self-cleaning cat litter box is superior in odor control and sanitation. Odor and sanitation control is different. It’s extremely sanitary because it uses disposable waste trays. Instead of cleaning and refilling a litter box, you lift the frame of the litter box and place a lid on top of the unique tray and toss out the whole assembly. Then replace it with a whole new disposable litter tray. This is a great strategy because you never come into direct contact with waste.

Special pre-filled crystals in each tray minimize odors and make this litter box inviting to your cat. These crystals stop odors 5 times better than clay and clumping litter. This low tracking litter is also 99% dust free. The crystals are superior over clay and clumping litter because they quickly absorb and dry solid waste to reduce odor.

 ScoopFree applies the standard raking approach pushing solid waste to the front where a lid lifts up and accepts the deposit. Once deposited, the rake retracts and the lid closes thereby reducing odors and keeping your cat safe from previous waste. You can adjust the raking process to start 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your cat finishes. This is great because different personalities also means cats that re-enter to complete their cycle means you can adjust for their needs. Those cats that don’t need to re-enter can have shorter times that can minimize odors that much more.

One of the best features of this automatic self-cleaning cat litter box is the “health counter.” The “health counter” monitors how many times your cat needs to use the unit. By watching this, you can easily know when your cat has a disorder.

Of all the automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes evaluated, this was rated #4. A great box because of how sanitary it is and reduced odor control. Great because of the ability to adjust and set the cleaning cycle to fit the personality of your cat, while reducing odor to the highest possible degree. We especially enjoyed the “health counter” feature to monitor your cat’s health.

This product sells at a very good price which makes this a very good choice especially when you consider it comes with its own hood. This is another benefit for controlling odor as well as litter containment. One of this automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes’ strongest assets is also one of the reasons we were compelled to make this our #4 pick. Because the trays are disposable means there is an ongoing expense. The good thing is these trays last a full 3-4 weeks before changing is necessary. Therefore, if you don’t mind the extra ongoing expense, then this is a very good choice.


$100 to $130



Although this is our #5 pick, it is not to be overlooked. Out of the many cat boxes available in the market, this was rated among the top 5 picks. We rated this #5 because it does a good job at removing litter and controlling odor. It also is one of the most sanitary by virtue of its design and operation.

It uses the standard forward and back raking process to clean the cat litter box. However, rather than raking to a compartment located at the same level with the cat waste area, SmartScoop picks out solid waste and places it in a covered upper compartment. This is important because you are away from the waste area when you are managing disposal. Additionally, the no-touch waste bag design protects you from direct contact with waste.

This automatic self-cleaning cat litter box has automated sensors that detect when your cat exits and starts the cleaning process. This protects your cat in two ways: (1) It allows your cat the freedom to re-enter as cats often do; (2) It begins the cleaning process in a timely manner to eliminate waste in preparation of the next visit so your cat is not exposed to previous waste.

It has a built-in safety bar causing the rake to retract if your cat tries to enter during the cleaning process. The motor is encased extremely well and placed outside of the litter box. This protects your cat from possible contact with moving mechanisms. Also, this special casing keeps the motor extremely quiet. Furthermore, this design prevents wiring and mechanisms from exposure to the hostile environment of the litter box.

 The disposable waste bags last one full week and are designed to protect you from direct contact with waste. A carbon filter is strategically placed in the waste disposal unit to absorb odors. This design reduces offensive smells well.

In addition, odor controlling spray further reduces bad odors. Facilitating good operation, there is a special no stick spray. This serves two purposes: 1) Spraying it on the rake minimizes waste from sticking to the automatic rake; 2) By spraying the no stick spray into the bottom of the cat litter box before adding new litter, allows cleaning only once a month and makes cleaning that much easier. SmartScoop uses standard clumping litter which means there is no need to use expensive specialized cat litter. This is a money saver. SmartScoop comes with 12 weekly disposable bags, 3 carbon filters, 1 sample bottle odor control spray and 1 sample bottle no stick spray.

 This is a very sanitary automatic self-cleaning cat litter box that is extremely quiet. It keeps your cat and your family safe in many ways. The price is very reasonable. Special care and design protects the active mechanism. Standard clumping cat litter can be used; therefore, no special expensive litter required. However, for best performance, carbon filters reduce odors and should be used along with the odor reducing spray. Another spray is used to minimize waste from sticking to the rake.

It is our #5 pick because of these manual aspects, but nonetheless, an excellent choice. If you don’t mind some of the manual processes, this is a solid choice especially when you consider the price and standard litter use.


How Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes are Evaluated is a FREE service to the public. Compared are the 5 best, most reliable and affordable Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes for cats, reviewed by experienced reviewers and ranked according to reliability, price value, customer service, features, usability, product support, ease of use and accessories. See our top 5 Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes unbiased comparison. 

Health Benefits of Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Toxoplasmosis is Dangerous!

Every cat owner should understand how this affects their health, the health of their family and the health of their cat. The main health problems experienced by cat owners or by their cats are associated with cat litter boxes. The most significant of these risks is called Toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a tiny parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. These tiny parasites can be found in raw or undercooked meat, unwashed fruits and vegetables, and dirty cat litter boxes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 60 million people in the United States may be infected with the Toxoplasma parasite. Toxoplasma infection could cause serious health problems to individuals or to a pregnant woman’s unborn child. How do people get infected? Most cat owners are infected with this dangerous parasite by accidentally ingesting infected cat feces. How is that possible? It is usually the result of when a person touches their mouth after handling a cat litter box. However, with Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes this cause is minimized to the highest degree possible if the Cat Litter unit is engineered properly. If an Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is not designed correctly then risk is still present. A significant element of our research into Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes was centered on this crucial factor. This took a great deal of time to evaluate and we believe you, your family and your cat will benefit greatly! 

How to Correctly Buy Your Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

By far the best prices for Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes are found online. However beware! Some of the so called “bargains” are actually not good deals. What we experienced was many offers had “seemingly” lower prices. What we found out is so called “price breaks” were only the result of offering inferior or stripped-down models. What appeared to be the unit we evaluated was actually either an older or a scaled-back model. This was very confusing at first because the model identifiers appeared nearly identical. For this reason we devoted much time additionally evaluating these so called “deals”. What our evaluation exposed was many were missing key elements. In fact, some offers seemed to us deceptive in nature and we are taking steps to protect others. In addition, we have included links for you to legitimate sites that actually offer the exact products we evaluated. (SEE our BUY buttons for each evaluated unit) Whether you choose to use our links or not is not important. What is important is to be AWARE that there are many unexpected surprises and that you must be careful. What about stores? Stores don’t typically carry the best most reliable automatic cat litter boxes. But they can order these units for you. The problem we find is that you will be compelled to pay full list price and end up waiting much longer than online operations. Online organizations have a streamlined shipping approach and therefore are able to deliver in just a day or two.    
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